It’s Black Friday in America today! To celebrate, we’re sharing a 99designs Holiday Gift Guide for those of you ready to start amassing goodies for your design buddies.

We recently featured an article showing designers’ workspaces and wanted to share this collection of fun goodies to make your workspaces even more fun, though probably a little less productive.

Mini designer chairs


Spruce up your workspace with tiny inspiration! Poketo is offering miniature replicas of some of the world’s most famously designed seats. You purchase them individually but the catch is that you won’t know which chair you get until you’ve already looked inside the box — it’s a surprise.

$12 at Poketo

iPhone® App Sketchbook


This is the perfect gift for your favorite mobile app designer — this notebook features three full sized iPhone blueprints on every page.

$12.95 at App Sketchbook

Ostrich pillow


It’s a pillow you can insert your head and arms into for convenient and inconspicuous napping — like an ostrich! I want one of these for the office. 😉

$97 at Studio Banana

A print from 20×200


This Jen Beckman project was created to make fine art more accessible to budding art collectors. The collection is primarily composed of paintings and photographs, and each piece is offered in limited editions of different sizes — price is adjusted based on size.

From $20 and up at 20×200

DIY furniture by Christopher Stuart


The founder and principle designer of Luur design released a step-by-step guide on creating your own furniture out of, relatively inexpensive, materials. Design your own creative workspace!

$17.82 at Barnes and Noble

Roll-up keyboard


In a dual versus your current keyboard, this silicone console would probably come out on top. It works with tablets and is easy to pack into any decent-sized bag. It also repels liquid and food spillages for the more messy designers out there.

$19.99 at Think Geek

Past-present-future watch


Keep track of the time on all of your contests with the Past-Present-Future watch from Yanko Design.

$125 at Yanko Design

Star Wars tie fighter web cam


Modeled after one of Darth Vader’s infamous Tie Fighters, this webcam makes it way more fun to communicate across the web. Or space. Compatible with Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Messenger.

$76 at Giant Robot



Grid-It! is Cocoon Innovations’ brilliant solution to personal organization. Rubberized elastic bands hold objects in place in gridded format, keeping everything you need within reach.

From $9.99 to $49.99 at Cocoon Innovations

Turtle Shell wireless boom box


What is green, waterproof and shaped like a turtle? A Turtle Shell Wireless speaker of course. One that connects to all blue-tooth enabled devices, can run for up to 10 hours and can double as a megaphone if necessary. And it’s just about the size of one of those little turtles people keep in fish tanks at home. Rad!

$149.95 at

What gift would you like to receive?