Peper Pascual is favorably known by all staff members at 99designs, which is no surprise since he’s one of the most engaged and passionate 99designers on our site.

Peper didn’t go to school for graphic design, but his skills have strengthened in the few short years he has been a member. We love Peper and it’s time to celebrate him and his work!

Jefferson Pascual

Name: Jefferson Pascual
Location: Philippines
99designs handle: peper pascual
Projects won: 64

How did you get started in design?

When I was a kid, my first artwork was the Biblical character Noah holding a scepter in his hand. I continued to draw images of robots and when I entered school, I was able to practice my drawing more.

I participated in many art contests like painting, college art and poster design. Some contests involved drawing and editing comics and cartoons. I won some and lost some, and through this I learned habitual and competitive drawing.

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Describe your design style.

My design style is similar to juxtaposition art. I enjoy combining two objects to form a clever design.

I also enjoy creating artworks that are asymmetrical and hate when I align nodes of my lines.

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What led you to start using 99designs?

At work, my circle of friends talked about 99designs and I was encouraged to register to see what they were busy doing. So, it was a matter of curiosity.

My actual contest participation did not start until 6 months later. Out of the blue, I decided to browse for a contest and stumbled upon my first logo contest.

It’s funny to look back because I remember doing my first logo in Adobe Photoshop with all those crazy bevels and embosses.

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What do you think is the most important part of the design process?

Reading the design brief is a given. I think it’s extremely important to communicate with the client.

Everyone sees the brief, so getting insight from the client will give you a stronger advantage as to what they are looking for. You are basing your revisions on updated and fresh instructions which will help you get closer to the target.

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In your opinion, what are the key differences that separate great design from poor or mediocre design?

The key differences that separate great from poor designs is the cleanliness and how it appeals to a viewer. An okay concept can catch a viewer’s attention if it’s presented in a really attractive manner. It can be applauded if the tiniest detail is polished.

How would you sum up graphic design in one sentence?

Graphic design is an electronic art that gives designers the power to create visually perfect designs with all the convenience a computer can bring.

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Do you factor emotional or psychological response into your work?

Yes. A moody designer can create a design but it might not be the same quality had he been in a great mood. For me, creative juices flow when my mind is free.

What is a hobby that you enjoy doing outside of design?

I enjoy resting at home, playing with my kids, talking with my wife and hanging out with friends. I really enjoy taking strolls when the streets are not busy which is mostly at night.