Create a beautiful and intriguing book cover for an unconventional, offbeat, 1870's western novel

My design challenge to the artists was to create a book cover for an 1870's western novel that would be beautiful, intriguing, compelling and not look like a traditional western novel book cover. At the same time, the art would need to feature elements in the design that would convey aspects of the story based on my brief. My contest winner, Alfie Obare, did a fantastic job because he understood my vision, and then produced a book cover that exceeded my expectations. His use of color and imagery really express the kind of "look" I was hoping to capture in the cover. And I like how the title "Bull" jumps out from the center of the cover. The design elements that help to convey what can be found inside the story are blended nicely in the overall art so that the cover does not look cluttered even when it is showing a lot. Basically, Alfie nailed it. I'm very pleased with the design and would be happy to work with Alfie again for my next book.
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Review by jwjost
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