Create a supreme and innovative design for a powerhouse Real Estate Group

This was my business partners and my first time doing anything like this. Needless to say we had NO idea what we were doing. We invited the allotted 50 designers to hopefully bid on our logo, knowing it was doubtful a top level designer would choose us. As the first day passed more designers started to join our contest, and thankfully pecas was one of them. From the very beginning pecas understood our concepts and what we were trying to achieve in our logo with little help from us rookies ;) . Pecas was very easy to work with, her communication is TOP NOTCH and her graphic design talent is second to none. When we asked her her opinion on our logo and what she would do to change it, she responded and it was a game changer! She took our logo to the next level and blew it out of the water. Needless to say, if you are lucky enough to work with pecas you are lucky enough!

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