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Member since: November 11, 2011
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"Nick 2011 did an excellent job! Thank you! - Talented - Quick - Easy to work with - Design followed my general suggestions"
Profile picturesiamesecats
"Nick 2011 did a great job formulating a design around my written specifications. Very professional results!"
Profile pictureRabbi712003
"Our mascot is a positive and nice little guy and we really enjoy the result. Nick 2011 created a mascot with personality and we are really satisfied"
Profile pictureGabius
"Nick 2011 did really good, he found the mascot that we couldn't see. When I asked him to draw it in more positions, he got it just perfect. "
Profile pictureJeppe Jessen
"It was a lot of fun with Nick to develop this logo, he has implemented all the requirements at once, we can recommend this designer highly enough."
Profile pictureMarkus Kammann
"Nick was so easy to work with and went the extra mile to make sure we were happy. Nick has a real talent for capturing expressions and emotions and creating drawings that are natural. Nick drew laughing animals for us, and everyone who looked at them ..."
Profile picturecookTJ
"great to work with - very responsive to feedback and great attention to detail he also understood quickly what I was looking for and had great ideas to make it happen"
Profile pictureruthiwankenobi
"Nick 2011 was inventive and attentive. He produced a variety of different designs, all novel and interesting. He paid close attention to my feedback, both in specifics and also the vague "vision/feel" feedback."
Profile picturedamon.shop