Design a logo for a financial membership website that gives the impression of being "underground"

Enricc0 is an amazing designer. I ran a 7 day contest and had many conversations with the designers in the contest trying to get exactly what I needed. I ran my contest as guaranteed so someone was going to get paid. There were some very good designers that came up with nice designs that I would have happily paid for. There was 6 hours left in the competition and Enricc0 submitted the first design, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for but I was immediately blown away with his attention to detail. I asked him to change one thing and he did it exactly like I asked on the first try, I ran a poll on Facebook and a friend mentioned another detail that he thought would make it look better, again, Enricc0 nailed it on the first try. Enricc0 was professional and easy to work with I highly recommend this designer and plan on bring my next design to him.

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