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We knew exactly what we wanted in terms of page layout, yet we wanted a good design to match it. we had 20 designers produce over 130 different designs for the layout we asked. Some of these designs were top-notched and really looked good. One design was different - it was made by calmSpark. He took the page-layout we produced and thought was good, and turned it from good to amazing. On top of that, he produced a slick design that was top-notch. At that point, we were in a dilemma, whether to pursue our original page layout, or switch to the new proposed one. A short poll showed us that CalmSpark was right on course, both with the layout he proposed, and with the design he made.
Even though other finalists' designs were really good, CalmSpark's design was a leg ahead. He is not of those designers that produce designs by the dozens, but each design he produced (and there weren't many) was excellent.
Eventually, he even produced us an additional inner-screen that we needed but did not ask, just because he wanted us to have a full series pages of the template.
in 2 words - highly qualified!

Review by Shannoga
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